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Michigan Hypnotherapy guild 

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Welcome to Michigan Hypnotherapy Guild, where our experienced team is committed to helping people live happy, healthy lives. We specialize in providing hypnotherapy for first responders, individuals experiencing stress and anxiety, and others who need support for their mental health. Our goal is to move the field of hypnosis forward in a professional manner by using cutting-edge techniques and providing high-quality services. We’re proud to serve the Michigan community and help our clients take control of their lives.

At Michigan Hypnotherapy Guild, we are passionate about promoting the use of hypnotherapy as a powerful tool for healing and self-empowerment. Our mission is to create an environment where hypnotherapists can network and share their knowledge and expertise, helping each other to grow and succeed. We are dedicated to building a community that is supportive, collaborative, and inspiring to everyone involved.

At Michigan Hypnotherapy Guild, our goal is to create a future for hypnotherapy that is recognized and respected as a legitimate profession. We are dedicated to advancing the field of hypnotherapy while promoting ethical practices and educating the public on the benefits of this therapeutic approach. Our team of certified hypnotherapists are committed to providing our clients with the highest standard of care, focusing on their needs, comfort, and well-being.

Meet Our Board 

At Michigan Hypnotherapy Guild, our board is dedicated to moving the field of clinical hypnotherapy forward in a professional and effective manner. We believe in creating a collaborative environment for all hypnotherapists, ensuring that everyone has the support they need to be successful in their practice. Our mission is to help advance the field of hypnotherapy by providing a safe, supportive, and educational environment for our members.

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